Do you still keep bees?

Oh gosh, I can understand why you stopped! We do still keep bees — I think we’d feel less than whole without our chickens, veggie patch, and a couple of hives. We don’t have varroa and bears to deal with, though!

Probably the worst problem here is small hive beetle (I don’t think they’re in the US yet?). But even where we were working in New South Wales, where SHB absolutely thrives, if you manage the bees carefully (and in a manner as close to how they’d live in the wild as possible), they cope just fine. The few hives that were lost up there were probably weak anyway, so as sad as it is to see them go (and SHB is pretty horrible, the larve ‘slimes’ the hive, making a terrible, smelly mess), we treated it as natural selection.

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