My first thought when looking at his dingoes was that they looked too stocky to be pure dingo.
Tamyka Bell

There’s a fair bit of variation in body shape/size of dingoes, much more than most people think. Dingoman’s male is an alpine type, which tend to be stockier and have thick double coats, whereas his female is a desert type and has a much lighter build — the result of adaptation to local conditions.

The myth that people can distinguish pure dingoes from hybrids or feral dogs (the latter pretty much doesn’t exist, Dr Crowther said even pig dogs don’t last long on their own in the wild) by eye is persistent and problematic, because it’s legal to kill hybrids and, in a lot of places, mandatory to do so. People still think anything with sable in its coat must be a hybrid — a dingo advocate even said this to me and it’s not true, there’s a lot variation in the coat colour of museum dingo specimens that predate contact with domestic dogs.

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