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I am very interested in service learning program but however due to, the amount of work I have for my classes, I chose to do service learning second semester. I’m going to focus on getting used to the college environment and of course getting ready for my first finals week. So for this semester final Digital Story I am doing non-service learning that focus on participating in student groups in which I analyze as well as develop narrative and creating materials that represent campus engagement experiences. I chose this project because I wanted to know more in depth about the communities here at the University of Minnesota by being a part of student organization and participating in various of opportunities to interact with other students. Being in a big college have its advantages and disadvantages. One of the good thing for being in big colleges like the Uof M is that there is so many organizations and opportunities for students to be engaged in. And there is something for everyone. To help me with my Digital Story project I’m planning to join the African student Association and the Black student union. It’s definitely important for me to be part of organization where I can identify myself because it will help me build a better and more diverse community. I’m going to gather my information for the digital story by participating in as many group activities as I can, making observation, recording and filming events and interviewing participants. Participating in the activities is a very essential way to gather information because It provides first hand experience. By taking pictures and filming different events will help me gather footage for my projects. And by interviewing participants I will get the chance to gain a different perspective as well as learn new valuable lessons that will help me throughout my college years . Some of my initial questions are; What type of resources on campus are provided in order to promote a more diverse community? What are the impacts student activities have on freshman who are trying to build a community? How does one find their identity in this huge campus?

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