After watching “Citizenfour,” I realized how much of an exceptional film it is to watch even though the film did not appear overly hyped in the media. This film really shows how deep shams have gone within the government and domestic spying. I thought this film helped me and the audience overall understand the issue of the NSA spying scandal and Edward Snowden’s performance was very admirable even though he put himself in these risky circumstances. I thought the content of the documentary was straight forward and clearly helped me understand what was going on. This deepened and broadened my understanding of surveillance technology and what can be done with it. It was also interesting just see how secretive the people behind this issue were being to prevent this from getting out to the public. Snowden did what he felt was right which is to let the public know what is going on behind closed doors. It scares me to understand that this is actually happening and what can happen in the future due to the fact that we are being watched and recorded even if you are not doing anything wrong. I think this can connect to our class just by our understanding of what we learned about information. We learned that information is not neutral and information can be changed even though it is used as a configuration of power. Just to know that whoever has access to making these changes could possibly be being watched and recorded.

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