Never Let Yourself Graduate.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Not only is it important to continue learning, but continue learning in the right places. Some people think turning on the news and hearing what a television company wants you to know is just as good as learning. I’d argue it’s no better than public school. You’re lounging around precariously, letting someone/thing else tell you what to think about. The news lacks a lot of historical and social context, quite often. Many people never know the full scope of what is going on. In fact, many unlearned comments I’ve heard came from someone who heard a story on the news and has no further knowledge to extrapolate to see the story from a critical lens. (I’m kinda anti-news, sorry.) Learning should be an active thing. It should be done by you, not someone for you. It should be you going out and looking for information that isn’t coming to you readily. This is something that isn’t often talked about but deserves discussion as well.

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