My life story

I like spaghetti, art, social media, football, friends, video games, talking to my friends on Skype, and sleeping.

However I don’t do most of that.

I usually go to school, go to football, go home, do homework, eat, shower, sleep, repeat.

My weekends are pretty similar.

My weekends consist of Saturday’s waking up, going to football, going home, showering, eating, going to church, going home, and sleeping.

Sunday’s are I wake up, waking up, eating, doing all the homework I “forgot” to do on Friday, sitting around for “family time” eating dinner and going to bed.

I was going through a rough time and when I was listening to pandora this song came on and helped me out and so now when I feel down I listen to this song.

I forgot to take a picture at the game on Friday so this is me right after the game.

I really enjoy pasta. It tastes delicious.

My grandmother inspires me because she has gone through some serious health issues and still tries to make it out and see us.

This is my mom and two of my brothers. My mom inspires me because she always encourages me when I am down.

My teachers (the one on the far right) inspire me to do better and push my self to be better.

It has been one of my dreams to go off the grid for a few months when I get older. I enjoy the outdoors and am a fairly introverted person by nature.

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