How to find a personal coach, using apps!

I’ve been doing some research for a project on personal growth and development and thought I would make a quick post of some of the apps I’ve found in case others find this useful. An “Uber, but for coaching” seems like a reasonable business idea, so it’s not too surprising that more and more companies are starting to roll out product. Here are some that I’ve found that seemed to have potential in the realm of “general life or career coaching”.

Helping you find a human coach: started as a free habit-tracker, but now can match you up with a personal coach (they also have a premium package for leadership development).

Noomii has a life-coach directory. You put in what you are looking for, it will match you with a few compatible coaches, then you get a free consultation to decide if you like them.

43 Things is a community built around goal-setting and reinforcement. So no professional coaches, but support from other people trying to do similar goals.

Digital or “self-serve” coaching:

Remente is a digital coach that promises to help you find direction in life and achieve your goals.

Mindbloom is a more “game-like” experience to help you achieve your goals

Leader’s Edge is an AI coach that provides personalized assessments and goal-setting

Business- or career-specific coaching:

Home Careerwave combines 1-on-1 personal coaching and AI coaching

Blue Sky provides rapid assessment combined with in-the-moment feedback for your specific goals

Home LeaderAmp is another leadership development tool that provides assessment, on-demand coaching, and journaling.