Reaping Rewards With Repetition

There are a few things we repeat daily for good or for bad. The good could be drinking water, slowing down and taking deep breaths. The bad could be checking Instagram 20 times a day (no exaggeration on that number) eating poorly, or putting your dreams on hold.

Repeating the good and decreasing the bad could drastically change your life. It ain’t nothing to it but to do it. I’ve been on this meditation and positive thinking and it’s life changing for real.

As I love the #fireyourdesigner lifestyle I’m apped up using the resources in the world to help me be a better me. Using for the guided meditation in the am so I don’t wig out on someone by lunch time, Nike Run Club app to track miles ran per morning and the Medium app to pen these thoughts in what I am hoping to be a new repeated ritual all, have me hype.

I find this to be true in whatever you do. Repeat the process, fine tune the process and reap the rewards of repitition. Diddy told us years ago “and we won’t stop cause we can’t stop.”

What bad routines are you about to replace with even better ones?

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