Would You Jump?

If your friends jumped off of a mountain, would you the same?


Remember hearing that question from a parent or on tv? Don’t do what others do. Yes. Totally. But only sometimes. We read the same things all of the time right? Zig when others zag. If it were easy everyone would do it. Blah. Blah. Blah. But. As with all things, we must curate what we absorb and certainly what we listen and respond to. Thus (I like the chance to use “thus”) if we listen to the right things, and the right people and the right articles we can potentially come out victorious, or least on the proper path to victory.

So check it out. You are who you associate with. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Yes, yes, we’ve heard this, and if you haven’t, now you’ve just heard it. The OG Jim Rohn is kinda known for that last one. The people from high school, don’t really fuck with them anymore do you? College, ehh somewhat. People from last week, naw fuck em. The winners, yeaaaaa gots to stick with them. Not to be confused, there will be some day ones, some friends, some family that you have memories from years ago back when you got your learner’s permit to drive, that time you blacked out at the function due to too many shots, yes, some of them will be there. God bless them and your relationship with them. But it may not be a lot of them. Cutting off the time wasters and energy drainers is defintely a thing. I big, important thing. My man (not really my man because I don’t know him but I wish I did) Les Brown has shouted about this many a time. Gotta get those fools out yo life. And surround yourself with those are making powerful decisions that will lead to good health, happiness and the resources to have options to do what they want when they want.

I learned from Steve Harvey. And yo, as I write this it becomes clear that I learned a couple things from Steve Harvey (minus him co-signing the current President, that was some bullshit)

  • You don’t have to be the best, you have to be persistent. Remember Kings of Comedy? Steve wasn’t that funny, he was solid, but not the best. He kept going.
  • You can come back from a loss almost like it never happened. Remember when we found out he was wearing a man wig?? He lost the wig, rocked the baldie kept the the thick mustauche and kept going.

Now, that last one, the leap. Umph. Magnifique. In his crisp suit, as always (persistence and consistency yet again) he tells the audience you have to take the leap. You may fall, get bruised, feel like it was a mistake, a poor decision, all in all even with all of those terrifying points, you still must take the leap. It will all work out in the end.

Would you rather be scared of what could happen when you decide to bet on yourself but never do it or would you rather receive the wins and blessings from whatever it is you love to do and inspire others to do the same and jump? We know the answer. That doesn’t mean the answer is easy. It means the answer is clear, very visible and simple. Simple many times may mean it is hard. And usually the harder path is the path with the most benefits.

If you were to jump to your success today, where would it lead you?