How University Mobile Apps Increase Student Quality of Life on Campus

Elizabeth Stolze
Jan 26, 2017 · 2 min read

You may be a current college student combating the frequent “Enough with the phone already” paired with the scary stare only a mother can give. Or maybe you’re a parent trying to figure out why on Earth your kid spends so much time looking at a 5’’ by 3’’ screen all day? Whatever your situation may be, keep reading because this post just might be the ammunition you need in your next fight for the phone…oh and bring about a greater understanding of how incredibly useful (and sometimes necessary) these devices can be.

It’s no secret that technology in general is becoming increasingly integrated into daily life, sometimes so much so that to go a day without it would be a huge inconvenience. Instead of trying to push technology away, it can be helpful to embrace it by looking at the many benefits technology currently brings and can bring in the future. For example, in the life of a college student, smartphones are essential tools along with pencil and paper. As a college freshman this year, I relied heavily on the “Welcome to Michigan” app to navigate campus and get instant updates on welcome week activities. Without this application (along with Google maps), not only would I be physically lost trying to get around a bigger campus, I’d be even more mentally lost. I wouldn’t have been aware of all of the cool events and thus wouldn’t have had nearly as many fun experience or met my current core group of friends. I’d be spending most of my time scrambling around trying to figure out what there was to do and then how to get there.

After welcome week, the regular University of Michigan App helps me stay informed about food, building hours, academics, events, maps/navigation and much more. It is the information brain of the University right in my pocket, always there when I need anything. To name some more extremely helpful features: I can preview all the food served at every meal down to the nutritional facts, I can peruse career opportunities, join recreational sports, access emergency numbers such as the local police department and ambulance service, the list goes on. I may not need every single feature the app has to offer on a daily basis, but having that information available to me 24 hours a day is a great comfort. It has definitely helped ease my transition into school and made my day to day life more convenient.

I could go into more depth about the specifics of school apps for college students, but I hope the previous points has at least got you convinced about how vast and useful smartphones can be. Yes, there are always negative aspects to anything, but the difference having access to a smartphone makes in my life — in my opinion — is worth the occasional distraction.

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