Why the Season of Trump has become a modern political revolution.

  1. As in other professions and organized institutions the day of reckoning has come for career politicians. The new medium of global communication via smartphone has allowed people to share ideas, frustrations and free thought. No longer is anyone tethered to network news or the “news cycle. The mainstream media has zero credibility and is basically finished. Popular culture manifested in series like “House of Cards”, and the like, only educate the basic citizen on the great conflicts of interest in the Fourth Estate. Call it the “Netflix Revolution”.

This has manifested itself in free thought, not the least of which is that politics has created an unfair ruling class. As with the Roman Empire, political stature and influence has allowed certain of the middle class to rise to positions of wealth and power at the expense of a struggling middle class. Trump has cleverly defined and seized this message and it resonates. Former Presidents have become fabulously wealthy without ever really working in the private sector while newly minted College Graduates go hungry.

2. Trump has also galvanized a “blue collar “revolution. The average worker has suffered at the hands of unfair trade agreements. Outsourcing and tilted trade agreements have created “zombie cities” like Detroit and Flint, while so called emerging, markets have greatly prospered. One does not need an Economics Doctorate to understand that the time has come for a more balanced trade system that brings back manufacturing jobs to the United States. Any student of Macro Economics 101 understands that a positive export position enhances GDP thus creating new demand on our own shores. Trump brilliantly seized and articulates this to his ever growing base of support.

3. We have been losing, Trump is correct on this. The United States is mired in protracted military conflicts, economic recession and vast underemployment. Gridlock in Washington does nothing to remedy this… it’s time for a change. Of the 5 remaining candidate at least 3, if not 4, are outsiders, that speaks volumes. Take away the Super delegates and Clintons leads begins to look approachable, versus a candidate that would not even be considered two decades ago.

This revolution has taken on great strength and has the potential to change things in a very good, or challenging way for our country. Trump is merely the messenger who has sounded the tocsin, how all of us embrace it is the question.