I spent most of Friday evening angry and upset. Embarrassed by the behavior of some men. Proud of the women who broke their silence about the abuse they had been on the receiving end of.
I Don’t Accept This Apology
Brad Feld

I feel very much the same way whenever something like this comes up in the feed of any of my sources. This is a prominent issue, growing or not, it is more publicised now and I would like to somehow take action. I like how you created a short article on this, because it does exactly this. Highlighting other articles that also discuss this issue for women as well.

I want the world to be a place where women will not have to worry about being harassed. Being a male I feel safer, but when it comes to even my female friends or my partner, sometimes I worry for if they are safe, whether it is at their work environment or even in their travels. You never know what could be going on behind those corporate doors.

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