From Ember to React
Emmanuel Luciano

Thanks for the article, it was nice reading a story which is similar to mine. After I started working with React, one tiny little thing that I have learned a lot from, is the way of how two-directional binding (in Ember) and uni-directional binding (in React) differ. For instance, in Ember it is enough to give the value to the input, and that value is going to be changed immediately after I type another value. But imagine if the property holding the value has been passed to that component/route from somewhere else, in that case, the original property will also be changed.

Therefore, Ember did all the hard work for me, pretty much, where on the other side, in React I am forced to make controlled components, and specify what will happen (and/or if it will happen at all) on input value changed event.

From the other perspective, the React way (uni-directional binding) makes sure that no unnecessary actions are done, so performance-wise => that is a good thing.

Anyway, both systems have their pros and cons…

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