A8: Interactive Prototype


The Task Manager’s mobile and web designs have generally remained the same from the wireframes, except for some minor improvements for efficiency and that better adhere to iOS and web design guidelines. This new version of the prototype has some editing functionalities on top of the basic feature of adding and viewing tasks from the last iteration.


Based on feedback from the in-class critique, I decided to continue to keep the design simple and keep the features that I already had, while adding more customizable features. In both versions, I added the editing name functionality and checking off a task to show what happens when a task is completed, as that was missing in the wireframe version. For the mobile version, I added a “overall” list view on top of the individual list views. For the web version, I added the ability to remove a list, which I did not add to the mobile version because it is harder to demonstrate on a mobile platform. In regards to the information architecture, everything has remained the same from the wireframes.

Interactive mobile prototype.
Mobile mockups.
Interactive web prototype.
Web version mockups.


Based on the in-class peer feedback, my peers liked the overall look and interaction of the application. The simplicity and focus on managing tasks is effective. They said they prefer the mobile version, as they would use it more than the web if this were to be implemented. No major changes were suggested, as this version is a significant improvement from the wireframes and consistent with the feedback received at that stage.

What worked well:

  • effective placement of task deadline under the priority
  • clean and simple layout
  • edit features
  • mobile version easy to use and view

What needs improvement:

  • edit feature for renaming in the mobile version isn’t intuitive and seem like an overall edit mode
  • enabling priority in the mobile version can be confusing, as users can enable all priorities
  • add check mark for completed tasks