Three Interesting people i have met this bootcamp

Every day we have that chance to meet and be with people. There are some that leave an impact on our hearts. It may be the way they carry themselves, the way they talk, their smile, the stories they share, how we see them with others or the kindness they have shown us that make them stay in our minds and hearts even long after we have seen them. The three most interesting people i have met so far in andela bootcamp are Nsikak Awak, Abdurazac and Henry.

I first met Nsikak during andela interview when we had a little conversation. I was very excited when i saw him in andela bootcamp. He is very collaborative and interactive. Within this short period of time, I understand that he is very conversant with Visual Basic and Python programming languages. He is honest and posses a high degree of integrity.

Another remarkable person i have met is Henry, he always manages to put a smile on peoples faces, whether he means to or not especially when people are in intense pressure writing code. He always manages to help people around him making him a very reliable, collaborative person with a sense of humor.

Abdurazac is another wonderful fellow. Despite the pressure, he remained calm, strong , resilience, humble and always seeking to strengthen people around him. He is very collaborative and he is a person with great intelligence. Apart from his great passion for programming, he also like other activities like sports and movies.

Personally, I have learned that each person has a value to share, values I can learn from and values that have inspired me to become a better person, to count my blessings and just to remind me to be grateful for my life. So these wonderful individuals with unique values have impacted positively in my life.

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