As a teenager, growing up in Las Vegas was like Pinocchio growing up on Pleasure Island. If you weren’t careful and partied too much you could end up being a donkey sold by The Coachman.

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Why wouldn’t you want to be a donkey?

Donkeys are known for carrying a heavy load and sometimes, being obstinate. That could mean addiction to drugs, booze, gambling, in jail, or a life of ill repute. For me it was more like being too stubborn to leave my familiar world and to stay working in a casino for the rest of my life (which I don’t knock at all — my parents did.)

Forget the apple a day — like that’s great for your health physically but an idea a day is what gets me more excited to wake up each day. If a new idea for business or art doesn’t come my way each day I don’t sweat it. It will come.

If you have had great ideas but didn’t really know if it would work as a business or even a project on the side there’s a wealth of online help you can get to figure out the viability of your idea(s).

Have you thought of a business that would help…

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Being shy isn’t always a bad thing, just misunderstood sometimes

I have a family of 6. I came from a big family of 8. When I was a child, if you didn’t talk much or stayed quiet, you weren’t asked why you were so quiet — it was just expected.

As more children filled the house, if we didn’t speak when we had a chance we didn’t have a say. It soon became a competition — if I didn’t interrupt someone in my house; I might not have gotten the chance to vote on dinner, pick chores to do or get dibs on the car.

So how did I become…

E.j. Zain

Entrepreneur and writer based down South. Spinner of tales and learning addict. Always got time to talk biz, art, life and love.

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