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We all know what is digital currency and what is decentralized means. So all we want is ultra fast platform to continue the process.

No more waiting. It’s started.
Just visit and register with them — xandra.io

Let’s get know some bit about xandracoin.


Xandra Coin is a decentralized multipurpose peer-to-peer digital currency based on blockchain technology. Xandra Coin was created with the aim of solving the general problems associated with traditional methods of currency exchange.

Xandra coin can also be used as a store of value; this makes it an asset and provides multiple opportunities for investment with potentially high rewards. It is seamless, border-less, and extremely fast with low transaction fees(https://xandracoin.io/).

It’s almost ready to lunch ICO public sale. Xandracoin ICO which will feature the public sale of Xandracoins will be launched on Thursday, February 14, 2018. ICO sessions will hold daily at 12:00 (UTC +0100). The starting price during ICO will be 0.50 USD/token, price will increase by 0.10 USD/token after the completion of every phase.

Why the hellare you waiting …
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In today’s world there is a need for a digital solution to a host of problems that are presented by the traditional currency systems. We have created that solution in the form of Xandra Coin; a digital currency that can be used anywhere in the world at any time as a mode of payment for transactions. It was created with the sole purpose of adding value, to genre - ate investment opportunities for its users, and also act as a building block in this growing ecosystem.

Xandra Coin is a unique coin that simplifies investing by connecting directly its rate of exchange to profit. There are quite a lot of disadvantages using traditional methods of curren - cy exchange; Xandra Coin was created with the aim of solving these problems and making transactions easy, seam - less and without boundaries. Some of the issues that Xandra coin aims to solve include

Investment Opportunity with Xandra

Take advantage of fluctuation in XDC price on our exchange, make profit by investing at a low price to resell at a higher price. Our internal exchange will launch by February 2018

You can earn fixed daily profits when you lend liquidity to Xandra trading AI and earn an interest based on your investment option. The interest will be paid out daily and investors can track this on the dashboard.

You can earn bonuses by holding Xandra Coin (XDC) in the staking wallet. For the first six months, the bonus rate is up to 11%.

It will be possible to mine for new Xandra coins by using special mining equipment. Our mining pool will be launched in April 2018.

Now we need to study about the future plans. If we chained with the XANDRACOIN, what will happen within next days. Let’s dive into roadmap


raod map — xandracoin

Without knowing the key features how can we trusted the process. Key features tell us lots.


Blockchain Technology
We use decentralized blockchain transaction technology, for secure and transparent transactions.

Lightning-fast Transactions
Send and receive payments anywhere in the world ultra-fast and cheap.

Limited Supply
There will only be a maximum supply of 24 million coins. This will ensure the scarcity of coins.

The origin of the transaction is completely anonymous unless the owner would want to reveal their identity.

Technical Specification

Name: Xandra Coin
Ticker: XDC
Decimal Places: 8
Type: POS/POW Hybrid Blockchain
Algorithm: Scrypt
PoW Block Reward: 2 XDC
Block Time: 300 Seconds
PoS Reward: 11% for the first 6 months
PoS Min Time: 12 hours
PoS Max Time: Unlimited
Coinbase Maturity: 10 blocks
Max supply: 30,000,000.00 XDC
Coin Premined: 10,000,000.00 XDC

$100 invested in Xandracoin ICO is expected to reach $3,000 by the end of Q1 2018

When analyzing the distribution of ICOs can see mainly target on Investors. To the Team and Advisors allocates 10%.

ICO Fund Distribution

How to Start Trading XandraCoin

Register an account for free in a less than a minute at Xandracoin.io It is very simple and easy.

Send funds in bitcoin to the deposit address provided on your Xandracoin dashboard.

Buy XandraCoin
To participate during ICO, simply enter the amount of Xandracoin (XDC) you wish to buy and click on the ‘buy’ button.

Share it
For every account there is a referral link, make sure to share this with your friends and family, so as to earn bonus XDC or Bitcoin.

Affiliate Program

When you invite new participants, we pay you the commissions in Xandra Coins. We will offer you various types of partnership rewards. Register now


Lending Profit

The Xandra lending platform employs a trading bot that has been continuously updated by our development team.

Xandra trading bot combines the most advanced machine learning, artifcial intelligence technology and data analysis available in the market today.we as - sure you that a lot of research work has been put into creating these systems to trade and protect your investments in extremely volatile markets.

$100 — $1000

Volatility software interest
Up to 45%
Duration 240 days

$1001 — $5000

Volatility software interest
Up to 45%
(+0.15% daily)
Duration 180 days

$5001 — $10000

Volatility software interest
Up to 45%
(+0.25% daily)
Duration 150 days

$10001 — $25000

Volatility software interest
Up to 45%
(+0.30% daily)
Duration 120 days


Volatility software interest
Up to 45%
(+0.35% daily)
Duration 90 days

Xandra Telegram Bot Our telegram bot is for everyone in the cryptocurrency markets. The bots will analyze all markets and send you actionable and personalized alerts to guide you through the volatile cryptocurrency markets.

Xandra bot will be available on mobile and desktop devices inside the telegram messaging app. Subscription to this service is exclusive to XDC token holders.

To get to know more about XANDRACOIN just visit



REF LINK : https://xandracoin.io:443/invite.aspx?ejcryfy
TELEGRAM : https://t.me/ejcryfy
MEW : 0x542Bf7246D55B1A7A00C9D14EE83FcB1A4de3D63
TWITTER : https://twitter.com/ej_cryfy



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