MERCURY IN PISCES (26.02.2017–13.03.2017)

Mercury left the sign of Aquarius and entered Pisces. This is not a good place for Mercury as Pisces is the sign of its detriment. Now we may experience communication problems. It will be difficult to express our thoughts. We should expect strange misunderstandings or mistakes. We may also interpret someone’s words in a wrong way or send an important message to a wrong person and this may cause a lot of problems and confusion.

While travelling we should be very careful and check the timetable and the platform as we may choose a wrong train, miss a flight or get lost.

If possible, we should avoid signing important contracts or agreements as we may not notice very important details. Making plans for the future is not a good idea, either. We may become too optimistic and not objective enough, make wrong calculations or overestimate our possibilities which can lead to a failure in the future.

This is a very good time for spiritual or artistic development. It’s worth attending some courses or workshops dedicated to spirituality or related to our artistic skills or read books about similar subjects.

This is also a very good time for analysing our dreams as they may contain important messages.

The individuals who were born under the signs of Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer and Virgo will be more sociable so they may meet new, interesting people who share their interests. They also may travel, study new subjects or buy something at a reasonable price.

Mercury conjunct Neptune (4.03) — if possible we should avoid making financial plans for the future, signing important agreements or buying electronic devices. We won’t be able to calculate our expenses in the right way and we may oversee some important details. While travelling we may experience delays. We may also forget about important chores or lose something. Someone may try to manipulate or trick us.

Mercury sextile Pluto (8.03) — we will become very curious so this is a good day for searching for important information or studying. We may discover some interesting secrets.

Mercury square Saturn (12.03) — our mind will be sharp so this is a good day for the research which requires focusing on details. This is not a good day for travelling. If we have to travel, we should be prepared for delays or cancellation of flights, etc. We should also avoid signing important agreements because they won’t be good for us and they will be long-lasting.