MERCURY IN TAURUS (16.05.2017–7.06.2017)

Mercury left the sign of Aries and entered Taurus. We will become more polite to others. If we want to convince someone to our ideas, we should be very precise and use nice vocabulary. We will achieve much more being kind than brutally honest. Yelling at someone, being rude or demanding will lead us to failure. Now it will be easier to reach an agreement so this is a good time for business negotiations.

We may have difficulties in expressing our thoughts in an honest or direct way as we will try to avoid hurting people. We will prefer to keep silence than to tell the unpleasant truth.

This is a good time for making plans for the future especially related to finances as we will be very realistic and down-to-earth. Our mind will be focused on calculating our future expenses in the right way and on practical matters allowing us to estimate the financial risk. We will be ready to spend money on expensive items but only if they are of good quality. Before buying anything we will check the product twice. We won’t buy items that we don’t need at the moment because we will concentrate on saving money.

This is also a good time for buying or selling real estates. We may find a house of our dreams or a good buyer.

Poets, writers or journalists may find interesting sources of inspiration and create very good poems or articles.

The individuals who were born under the signs of Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo and Pisces will become more talkative and sociable. They may learn new things, travel or buy something at a reasonable price.

Mercury sextile Neptune (28.05) — a good day for studying subjects related to spirituality or card reading. We also should analyse our dreams as they may contain important messages. We will feel an artistic inspiration so we may write poems or novels.

Mercury trine Pluto (31.05) — this a very good day for studying and all kind of research as our mind will be sharp and focused. We may discover interesting secrets.