What is a horoscope and how to analyse it?

A horoscope is a chart of the sky which shows the moment of our birth. It illustrates the positions of the Sun, the Moon, planets and asteroids in the signs of the Zodiac observed from our birth place at the moment we are born. That’s why if we want to obtain our personal horoscope (natal chart) in the astrological software, we need to provide not only our birth date but also the place and time of our birth. Two people who were born on the same day and even at the same time but at different places of the world, will have different horoscopes because they will observe the sky from a different perspective.

Most people know which sign of the Zodiac there were born under and they think that horoscope describes only this sign. They read different descriptions of their sign at newspapers, magazines, the Internet, etc. This is so called Sun sign astrology because it is based on the position of the Sun in our natal chart. The Sun is the most important component of our horoscope, it describes our identity, ego, character, charisma, aspirations, potential, professional vocation and the way we present ourselves to the world. The interpretation of our Sun sign is indeed very useful and gives us important information about ourselves but sometimes we don’t identify or even totally disagree with the description. We can even announce that it is not possible for all people who are born under the same sign of the Zodiac to have the same character, professional vocation or the type of behaviour so we assume that astrology is rubbish. If we really want to know our horoscope, we should look deeper and analyse our personal natal chart i.e. the chart of sky at the moment of our birth. We obtain our natal chart by providing our data to the astrological software. (You can also obtain your free natal chart at www.astro.com). It is a diagram in the shape of a wheel with different symbols marked on it. When we look at our birth chart, we will realise that it contains a lot of components, like The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, the angles, the houses, just to mention the most important ones. A lot of people don’t want to even look at their personal birth chart because they think that analysing it is too complicated, so they give up. The truth is that analysing your birth chart is not that difficult as it seems but you have to learn the meaning of the astrological symbols. When you achieve it, you gain a deep insight into your life, your emotional needs, fears, partnership or professional vocation. You will learn how to earn money and how to relate to other people. You will understand yourself and your loved ones better.

If you want to analyse your personal horoscope, first you have to learn the meaning of the signs of the Zodiac, planets, houses and aspects between the planets.

Below you can see the natal chart of Donald Trump with the description of all astrological symbols.

The meaning of the signs of the Zodiac:

ARIES — brave, strong, impatient, creative, pioneering, impulsive, selfish. A charismatic leader.

TAURUS — calm, stable, slow, sensual, lazy, stubborn. Interested in art, luxury, food, money.

GEMINI — talkative, sociable, intellectual, multitasking. Loves to learn new things, travel, gossip.

CANCER — sensitive, shy, romantic, (over)protective, tenacious, conservative. Cares about family.

LEO — creative, proud, playful, jovial, generous, selfish. A leader, interested in the art and luxury.

VIRGO — modest, hard-working, practical, critical, tidy, shy, skilled. Loves to travel and analyse.

LIBRA — harmonious, conciliatory, sociable, indecisive. Interested in partnership, art and fashion.

SCORPIO — mysterious, deep, insightful, suspicious, loyal, brave, jealous, emotional, intuitive

SAGITTARIUS — optimistic, wise, generous, honest. Interested in travelling, religions, philosophy.

CAPRICORN — responsible, hard-working, disciplined, serious, conservative, stubborn, careful

AQUARIUS — independent, eccentric, sociable, open-minded. Interested in philosophy, travelling.

PISCES — romantic, imaginative, idealistic, sensitive, generous. Interested in spirituality and art.

The meaning of the lights (the Sun and the Moon) and planets:

THE SUN — identity, ego, will, core of our existence, the way we are presenting ourselves to the outside world

THE MOON — feelings, home, emotional needs, the way we behave at home with our family and how we relax

MERCURY — communication, education, language, travelling, trade, oral or written expression

VENUS — love, relationships, beauty, art, artistic talents, pleasure, financial security

MARS — courage, fight, anger, conflict, ambition, drive, competition, the way we act

JUPITER — abundance, expansion, wisdom, religion, beliefs, law, philosophy

SATURN — limitations, authority, structure, duty, obstacles, patience, sadness, depression

URANUS — rebellion, freedom, sudden, unexpected events, being original and strange

NEPTUNE — spirituality, compassion, escapism, illusions, sacrifice, artistic inspiration, addictions

PLUTO — transformation, power, braking taboos, intensity, violence, destruction, manipulation

The meaning of the angles:

ASCENDANT — me, my body, image, physical appearance, identity

IMUM COELI — home, family, roots

DESCENDANT — partnership, agreements, relationship

MEDIUM COELI — career, professional vocation, ambition

The meaning of houses:

I house — (starts with ascendant) — our body, energy, drive, the way how we present ourselves

II house — money, resources, possessions, nutrition

III house — communication, trade, siblings, neighbours, short journeys, schools, bus or tram stations

IV house — (starts with Imum Coeli) — family, ancestry, home, privacy, rest

V house — romance, sex, children, artistic talents, creativity, fun, joy, gambling

VI house — work, health, daily routine, service, discipline, doctors, nurses, hospitals, small animals

VII house — (starts with descendant) — relationship, connections, husband/wife, enemy

VIII house — psychology, death, shared resources, mysteries, inheritance, bank, insurance

IX house — long journeys, travelling, law, beliefs, philosophy, higher education, university, temple

X house — (starts with Medium Coeli) — career, public role, professional goals, ambition, authority

XI house — friendship, community, philosophy, travelling to exotic places, Internet, hobbies

XII house — isolation, spirituality, prison, hospital, hidden enemies, healing process, big animals

The meaning of aspects:

CONJUNTION (0 degrees) — the planets are in same sign, close to each other (no further than 10 degrees). The planets influence one another in a harmonious way.

OPPOSITION (180 degrees) — the planets are placed in the opposite signs in the chart, therefore they are fighting against each other, which causes a lot of tension. Repeating the same mistakes all over again and blaming other people for it. Projection.

SQUARE (90 degrees) — the planets are placed in the signs of the same mode but there is a huge tension between them. Looking for the resolution of the problems, creativity, psychological analysis.

TRINE (120 degrees) — the planets are placed in the signs of the same element so they work in a harmonious way. Good luck, support of other people, talents, laziness.

SEXTILE — (60 degrees) — the planets are placed in compatible elements: earth — water, air — fire so they work in a harmonious way. Talents and support of other people which are underestimated and sometimes even wasted.

Another important factors in the interpretation of our personal horoscope are the elements and the modes. The are 4 elements: fire, earth, air, water and 3 modes: cardinal, fixed, mutable.

Fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Earth signs are Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo

Air signs are Libra, Aquarius and Gemini

Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Cardinal signs are Aries, Capricorn, Libra and Cancer

Fixed signs are Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio

Mutable signs are Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini and Pisces

FIRE — creative, inspiring, brave, domineering. Likes to start new projects. Gives up very quickly.

EARTH — stable, practical, grounded, disciplined, well-organised, sensual, materialistic

AIR — sociable, analytical, logical, intellectual, communicative, cold. Doesn’t keep promises.

WATER — emotional, sensual, imaginative, sensitive, compassionate. Artistic talents.

CARDINAL — action, starting new projects, creativity

FIXED — sustaining, consequent. Determined to achieve their goals. Dislikes any changes.

MUTABLE — constant changes, adaptability, learning new things, travelling, finishing old projects.

The amount of modes and element is determined by the positions of the planets in the signs of the Zodiac but some planets have more influence on the amount of modes and elements than others. It’s easy to count how much of each mode or element we have in our chart. The most important components of our chart which give the biggest amount of the certain element or mode are the Sun, the Moon and the ascendant. You can give 5 points for each of them. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are also important, so you can give 3 points for each of that planet. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are less important, so you give only one point for each of them. Than you count all the points for each mode and element. If your score is from 0 to 5 points, that means that this element or mode is missing in your chart. For example if you have less air, your are not sociable and you don’t like talking to strangers. If you don’t have enough cardinal mode, you don’t like starting new projects. Even if you have a lot of good ideas, you don’t have the courage or energy to start. If your score is from 6 to 10 points then you have a good balance of that particular element or mode. If your score is above 11, you have an excess of some element or mode so e.g. if you have too much earth in your natal chart, you are very concentrated on financial matters, you don’t like spending money and you don’t like changes because you think that you may lose your stability.

Let’s analyse the chart of Donald Trump. He has the Sun in Gemini in the 10th house so he is very talkative and multitasking. He runs different types of business of divers branches like real estate, media and recently he has been elected for the president of the United States. People who are born under the sign of Gemini often have different jobs at the same time because doing just one thing is too boring for them. They always have a lot of new ideas and want to try new things. Donald Trump even opened his own university where he was offering different courses of business, management, etc. Education is one of the professional vocations of Gemini. The Sun in the 10th house shows that Trump is a leader. He is the president of The Trump Organization, the holding company of his business. No wonder that wanted to become the president of the United States as he is very ambitious. A person with the Sun in the 10th house always wants to be a leader, a public figure and most of all, to gain respect and recognition from others. Such people often become famous for their work. The Sun conjunction Uranus is the reason why Trump is so unconventional, unpredictable and likes shocking the public opinion. He is not afraid of going against the public opinion and he enjoys breaking social taboos. He is very creative and original but his ideas seem to be weird to a lot of people who don’t treat Trump as a serious person. Jupiter trine Sun is a very good aspect. Trump can get support from wealthy and influential people who will help him to achieve his goals. Mars sextile Sun gives him a lot of energy and courage. The Moon is opposing Sun which means that Trump was born on full Moon. From the beginning of his life he has got the attention of other people. Probably his family supported him and gave him everything he had asked for. On the other hand opposition is an aspect of ongoing tension and problems caused by other people. The Moon in the chart of a man represents his mother but also his wife. Trump divorced two times and had to pay a lot of money to his ex-wives. One of them (Ivana) wrote a book about their relationship which made Trump very angry. He even brought a law suit against her for breach of privacy. People who were born on full Moon often suffer from lack of privacy because for some reason everybody is interested in their private life.

The ascendant in Trump’s chart is in Leo, that’s why he is a charismatic showman and his image is so theatrical. In addition, Trump is very proud and knows exactly how to get the attention of other people. Even his hair is an important part of his image and it’s like a lion’s mane.

The Moon in Sagittarius in the 4th house shows that Trump is self-confident, jovial and enthusiastic. Probably he is very generous to his family members and his children. The Moon in the 4th house tells us that family is very important for Donald Trump and that he can continue some family traditions. When he was young he worked in the company of his father and he developed the family business of real estate. The Moon in Sagittarius and the descendant in Aquarius tell us that Trump likes women who are original in some way or come from other cultural background. His first wife, Ivana was a model who came from the Czech Republic and his present wife, also a model, comes from Slovenia. The Moon sextile Jupiter is another factor that tells us that Trump may count on his family and gets an important support from his family members. This aspect also shows that he is lucky when it comes to real estate and likes to live in big houses. People who have the Moon in Sagittarius also have an expensive taste in houses. They like to live in luxury. Sometimes they collect art objects which they have brought from their journeys to exotic countries or the ones related to their religion. Mars trine the Moon gives Trump a lot of energy and a good health condition.

Mercury in Cancer explains why Trump’s ideas are so conservative. He is not open to people who come from other countries or cultures and he wants to protect the domestic market by getting rid of immigrants. Cancer is overprotective and doesn’t like strangers so it makes no wonder that Trump thinks that immigrants are a threat to American economy. Mercury square Jupiter makes Donald Trump very talkative. He’s a very passionate speaker and he can convince a lot of people to his ideas. Neptune square Mercury shows that sometimes Trump may manipulate other people by using nice words. Mercury in the 11th house shows that he probably likes travelling abroad and likes talking to foreigners which may be quite strange, considering that Mercury is in Cancer. Analysing a natal chart we often will discover such contradictions.

Venus in Cancer is another confirmation that family is very important to Donald Trump. He must be very nice for the members of his family and probably cares a lot about them. Venus in the natal chart shows how can we earn money. Venus in Cancer tells us that Trump can earn on real estate or any services dedicated to women, children or families. Venus conjunct Saturn points out Trump’s problems with relationships and financial loss due to divorce. He should treat women with respect, otherwise he will have serious problems. Such aspect sometimes indicates a late marriage. Trump got married for the first time when he was over 30 years old. He married his present wife, Melania, when he was 58. This aspect can also bring serious financial loses and Donald Trump went bankrupt a few times. Fortunately Venus in his natal chart squares Jupiter so he could recover his financial position again. This aspect shows that he can earn money very easily but also that he is overspending all the time. Venus in the 11th house again shows that Trump is interested in women who come from abroad and that he likes travelling.

Mars on the ascendant on side of the 12th house is telling us that Donald Trump may have some secret enemies who will try to destroy him but he won’t be able to find out who are those people. Mars in Leo on the ascendant intensifies the features of the sign of Leo in the chart of Trump. Mars on the ascendant makes Trump a quarrelsome, impulsive, selfish, rude but also a very brave, creative and self-confident man. A lot of people find him aggressive and simply don’t like him as the energy of Mars and the sign of Leo is too strong in his chart.

Jupiter in Libra in the second house helped him to become a rich man. Jupiter is a so-called social planet because it moves slowly in the sky and it spends more or less one year in each sign. People who were born between 25.08.1945 and 24.09.1946 have Jupiter in the same sign. Jupiter in Libra brings luck in love, partnership, law suits, developing artistic talents and enables to become successful thanks to support of other people and good connections. Jupiter trine Uranus helps to achieve success in any projects related to modern technologies. Jupiter sextile Pluto gives Trump the ability to influence a lot of people with his charisma and ideas. Jupiter square Saturn means that he is interested in social matters and wants to influence the public opinion.

Saturn is another so-called social planet which moves slowly. Saturn is transiting one sign of the Zodiac for about 2,5 years so all the people who were born between 20.06.1944 and 1.08.1946 have Saturn in Cancer, not only Donald Trump. Cancer is the sign of Saturn’s detriment so it can’t act according to its nature. People with Saturn in Cancer often disagree with authorities, their parents or boss. They don’t want to start their own family because they fear that their partners or children would limit their personal freedom. Most of them are not interested in politics as they don’t trust any politicians and often disagree with them. This is very interesting that Donald Trump became a politician and developed the business of his father. Analysing a birth chart we will find contradictions like these pretty often. We have to see all the details of the natal chart and check if there are some other important factors which indicate that a person could be interested in working with his/her family or being involved in politics. In case of Donald Trump the Moon in the 4th house and Venus in Cancer show that continuing family traditions and business is very good for him. The Moon and Venus are personal planets (they move fast in the sky) so their influence on someone’s life is much stronger than of social planets. Donald Trump has the Sun in the 10th house so he wants be a leader. Mars in Leo on the ascendant shows his narcissistic personality, that’s why Trump thinks he is the right person to become the president. Saturn in the 11th house shows that Trump dislikes people who are different in some way. That explains why he is against immigrants or LGBT people. He also has Venus in the 11th house so he married women who come from another country, despite the fact that he dislikes strangers. This is another interesting contradiction in Trump’s chart.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are so-called generational planets because they move very slowly and spend a few years in each sign of the Zodiac, that’s why the whole generation has them in the same sign. This is the reason why we only analyse their position in houses which is very individual for each person as it depends on birth time. Donald Trump has Uranus in the 10th house which means he wants to be independent in his work. He breaks all the rules and wants to establish his own order in his professional life. He might not like the post of the president of the USA as it requires a lot of discipline and submission to very strict rules and diplomatic protocols. On the other hand he may have some very original but controversial ideas. Some people will love him for that and other will hate him. Bringing discord is the nature of Uranus. Neptune in the second house enables Trump to earn money on media business. It also shows that nobody will ever know how much is his fortune really worth. Pluto in the 12th house means that Trump may have some powerful secret enemies or at least he will think that some people are a serious threat to him but he won’t able to discover who could they be.

Medium Coeli describes our professional ambitions and the branches of economic activity that will give us financial stability. In the horoscope of Donald Trump Medium Coeli (the cusp of the 10th house) is the the sign of Taurus so he can earn on business related to real estate (which he did), luxury, jewellery, art, cosmetics, fashion, food or restaurants. His work space should look very comfortable and most of all, expensive.

Let’s count the modes and the elements in Trump’s chart.

planets / components in cardinal signs: Venus (3 points), Mercury (3 points), Saturn (3 points), Jupiter (3 points), Neptune (1 point). Total score: 13 points.

planets / components in fixed signs: ascendant (5 points), Mars (3 points), Pluto (1 point). Total score: 9 points.

planets / components in mutable signs: Sun (5 points), Moon (5 points), Uranus (1 point). Total score: 11 points.

planets / components in fire signs: ascendant (5 points), Moon (5 points), Mars (3 points), Pluto (1 point). Total score: 14 points.

planets / components in earth signs: none. Total score: 0 points.

planets / components in air signs: Sun (5 points), Jupiter (3 points), Neptune (1 point), Uranus (1 point). Total score: 10 points.

planets / components in water signs: Venus (3 points), Mercury (3 points), Saturn (3 points). Total score: 9 points.

As we can see there is no earth element in Trump’s chart. Although he is able to earn a lot of money, he is overspending all the time. Money just slip through his fingers. It would also explain why he went bankrupt a few times but he was able to earn a lot of money once again. Financial failures don’t seem to be a problem for him. Trump has a lot of fire element and cardinal mode so he is a very creative person. He likes to start new projects but as he is very impatient, he is not able to develop them in a proper way. Being concentrated on just one thing is too boring for him, that’s why he starts new business in different branches.

This is only a simple and very basic example of an interpretation of a natal chart. There are much more things to analyse like planetary figures, Lunar Nodes, asteroids or fixed stars. You can also add more aspects to your chart analysis like semi-sextile, quincunx, etc.