Abelon is a new generation.

Hello my dear! I have not given you my new publication for a few weeks, there is a good reason for that, but today I decided to forget all the life issues and devote my precious time to the same valuable crypto currency project called Abelon..,,.,This project caught my attention with my ideas and the prospects that these ideas will have in the future. It’s really worth your attention, because this I will start a review of this project from my point of view.

Abelon is a global-level universal platform — the site of the project is . With this platform, you will have a wonderful opportunity to trade on multiple exchanges by simply using one of their offices. Yes! Finally appeared.

You do not need to create multiple accounts, remember information about each one, confused with each other, take your time for some definitions. It will not happen again. The Abelon project from the time of its appearance starts to make your life really better.

The necessary transactions can be made on any device — such as Android and iOS, but also with computers, laptops, tablets what will be convenient for you at certain times and places.

By signing up on the Abelon platform you will be able to access commercial applications on AppStore, GooglePlay, Windows OS, mac OS — which are highly individual to everyone and very convenient, because everyone, every trader is impressed with the job with certain types of devices. Abelon does not limit your desires and opportunities.

The Abelon project is truly unique, as it will enable its users to get the most benefit from the transaction. It is truly a project that will be able to combine the best and most perfect opportunities for leading exchange in the crypto currency market. With the Abelon system, you can avoid a variety of unfamiliar situations, problems and general, and such processes will eliminate any deficiencies.

The Abelon platform is also suitable for traders who already have experience in their activities, and of course for merchant traders just entering the door of buying and selling in kriptomir. None and the other will have problems, everyone will only admire sales using Abelon. Learn more

It is worth mentioning the most basic advantages offered by the Abelon project:

* A very comfortable and nice interface;

* Optimal optimal functional interface, where combinations provide simplicity and poly-functional;

* Project support for all types of devices (computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and so on);

* Commercial apps will be very useful to you;

* The commission rate is very small compared to the market rate that has long been marketed in the market because of its large turnover (the difference in the commission rate when selling one coin from one exchange to another should be more than 2% — hence this is a very profitable process).

* Ability to use inter-exchange arbitration system;

* All the agreements you are interested in will be in front of you;

* The sales process is very short and easy;

* Provides a wide selection of trading partners (BTC, ETH, Dash, Doge, GRC, LTC, LSK, XRP), whose list will increase.

* You use the same API for all exchanges, and you do not have to bother finding a location;

* Easy-to-use robot functionality;

The management process will be conducted for power of attorney;

* Before you will display all the user graphs, which will illustratively help you understand the trading process;

* Margin affordable trading, from which you can earn extra and large income.

Abelon will allow you to easily conduct your trading relationship on all crypto exchange exchanges. You do not need to have different accounts on different stock exchanges, remember passwords, confuse between these accounts. It will not happen again. Now you want to make a sale or purchase a certain token — to engage yourself in the trading process, you just need to register on the Abelon platform and enjoy access to all connected crypto exchange exchanges.

Just imagine, the whole world of this exchange opens in front of you in a single window! It’s so convenient! Thus, you will enjoy the trading processThe platform interface will be presented in the form of multiple tabs on the control panel, which will be available on a specified time exchange. You will track your order so you can navigate the process better.

In addition, you will get the best prices from various exchanges, you will see the last transaction on the stock exchange. And in general, in addition, you can simultaneously open multiple windows, so as not to forget the information you need.

So what exactly will look like a platform interface that you can see under the ↓ image

Project roadmap is presented in this year’s schedule:

- In December 2017, the initial sale of tokens will commence on December 20, 2017 — that is, very, very soon! Have time to buy the Abelon token, and earn a real profit! Come and invest well.

- In April 2018 will be tested part of the product beta;

- In August 2018, the Abelon service will be launched;

- In March 2018, an ICO project will be held, where you can get a cherished Abelon token at a low price;

- In May 2018, the Abelon token will be released to the exchange, where they will actively and successfully trade;

- in November 2018 it is planned that many merchants will prisoedeniny Abelon platform, where they will conduct their successful trading activities.

If you, for example, are concerned about the level of protection on the platform, you might get hacked, and you think you’re having a particular problem, then no. Here everything is set:

- Abelon opens and verifies users in the stock market;

- the project itself triggers a particular crypto currency for its account created on the stock exchange;

- every Abelon user will open an account only on the project platform;

- Abelon provides user access to trading via Abelon account via its platform;

- APIs on the exchange do not have access to deletions;

- Funds users who enter the Abelon platform in the form of 80% stored in cold wallet.

- there is a “hot wallet”, which will be available for the output of crypto currency at the request of the trader.

- And many methods of software protection and control are still available.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about using this platform. This project has long solved all possible problems with platform usage.

For traders, it is important that when the Abelon platform combines data from multiple exchanges, users can choose the best and most profitable offer for the purchase and sale of certain currencies. Yes! It’s generally cool, you do not have to search for lots of pages, exchanges, different news, as if buying a certain currency higher you’ll see everything available and in detail in front of you! Both of you will buy and sell receive the amazing benefits of both processes!

Most merchants will be very happy that they have a good chance to run their business when the Abelon project is sold in the market. Everyone can be a successful and active trader along with such a project.

The details of the Abelon project are listed below ↓

Official project site “Abelon” — http://abelon.org/

English branch of the “Abelon” project in Bitcointalk — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2465142

The Russian branch of the “Abelon” project in Bitcointalk — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2491754.0

Branch of the campaign bounty project “Abelon” in Bitcointalk — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2488955

The Facebook project “Abelon” — https://www.facebook.com/groups/abelontrade/

Twitter project “Abelon” — https://twitter.com/abelontrade

Telegram project “Abelon” — https://t.me/AbelonPlatform

The White Paper project “Abelon” — http://abelon.org/#wp

E-mail the project “Abelon” — iusachev@abelon.com

My Bitcointalk Profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1346546

address ETH : 0x79a080c18578A0E86a4039a9672f0382077C421e