A team of enthusiasts and professionals who teamed up in 2014 to create a multicurrency financial platform, which consists of 5 main elements:
■ multicurrency wallet
■ payment system
■ trading platform
■ marketplace
■ discount program

The purpose of this project is the creation of a universal payment ecosystem capable of uniting real economy sector and the cryptocurrency world for the exchange, calculation and interac-tion.

Achieving the goals is done with the help of an advantageous offer for clients in the form of receiving a discount from business partners, using a convenient application for making pay-ments “in one click”, as well as a number of related services.

Already now, more than 150 business partners around the world have joined us, since the ease of using our platform is the key to your successful business and its development.


Any member of the Enjoy Life platform can be a client (uses discounts and bonuses of the system) as well as a business partner (attracts customers for his business). We expect that the number of representatives of the B2B segment will be from 8 thousand participants in 2018. 32 thousand participants in 2020. The following graph is a geographical segmentation of platform’s participants:

Such results can be achieved by using a promotion strategy that represents an active interna-tional expansion. It is based on the development of a network of partners and a training program that allows to attract users. Structure for marketing costs is presented below:

Another important element of promotion is the franchise program. After signing up in the Enjoy Life system for $14.99, partners can activate a franchise for $199. A franchise partner gets the opportunity to attract business from any country, and goes through the certified training. His account receives 12% of the discount provided the business from each check.


The ENJL token is an intra-platform currency that allows the following activities in the Enjoy Life system:
■ payment for products and services and transfers within the system;
■ realization of B2B / B2C opportunities;
■ ability for the user to act as a Sale Agent to earn on promotion of services and opportunities for Enjoy Life;
■ virtual store rental (in development);
■ push notifications to customers and other marketing capabilities of the system.
The growth of token in price is provided by two aspects of the platform’s work:
01The user will be offered a choice of how to pay commission for any service within the Enjoy Life platform: USD or the ENJL token, and for tokens especially, these services will always be cheaper by 10–40% than paying in USD.
02Businesses that accept tokens ENJL will receive more privileges and discounts within the Enjoy Life platform.
Enjoy Life will conduct 5 rounds of token emission, which will directly depend on the capitaliza-tion of the platform. Limited issue of tokens — 50 million pcs. with virtually unlimited number of platform users:


To implement the project, Enjoy Life attracts funds through ICO by realizing a token ENJL. This will help partially to finance the following costs, which are needed for a successful implementation of the project:


WEBSITE : http://ico.enjoy-life.world/en
WHITEPAPER: http://ico.enjoy-life.world/Enjoy%20Life_WP_eng.pdf
ANN THREAD : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2302686.0

My Bitcointalk Profile : Boex

address ETH : 0x79a080c18578A0E86a4039a9672f0382077C421e

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