The future of AI is collaborative

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Front + Meya bring humans and bots together

Your Meya bots just got a major upgrade thanks to Front.

The Meya team is super excited to launch our brand new Front integration. Bots can now collaborate with live human agents using Front’s powerful customer service software.

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With a few clicks you can connect your Meya bot to your Front inbox

Why is this important?

  • Customers want immediate and amazing customer service
  • Customer service is difficult to scale
  • Bots do scale
  • Bots and humans have complementary strengths & weaknesses
  • Customers won’t tolerate a poor bot user experience
  • Bots (and bot builders) need to learn in order to get better

By having bot and human agents collaborate, you can address these 6 points and deliver customer service that’s greater than the sum of its parts. …

The vision, rationale and direction of Meya Bot Studio

The Meya team has learned a lot about the nuts-and-bolts of bot building since our launch earlier this year. Much of this learning comes directly from our community of builders and the specific challenges they face.

Thank you!

We’re excited to launch the first phase of Meya Bot Studio that incorporates bot building lessons into an optimized bot development environment.

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What it looks like to build a bot on Meya using the Bot Studio

The vision

The Meya Bot Platform balances an opinionated approach to bot building with maximum developer flexibility.

We believe that for bot builders to be effective they need to stand on the shoulders of giants (not reinvent the wheel). …

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Using Meya + Smooch + Front + Wit + Messenger

Human/bot hybrid customer service demo

The intelligent assistant

Let’s revisit intelligent assistants which made a big splash last year. The most notable was M by Facebook which had many people guessing as to how much was human vs. AI:

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Failing the reverse Turing test.

The trend has mostly died and the players have either pivoted (Butler is now NLP service, changed business models (Magic is now $100/hr human powered concierge) or disappeared completely (Where is M now?). My takeaways from this bot/human social experiment:

  1. Many people are off-put by humans pretending to be bots.
  2. General intelligent assistants do not scale. …


Erik Kalviainen

I’m CEO of an CX Automation Platform called Meya.

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