Google Summer of Code — Final Submission

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For the last three months, I’ve been working with Libreoffice, an open source organisation selected for the Google Summer of Code program. Working at LibreOffice has been a great experience for me. It has been really steep learning curve this summer under Google Summer of Code. This has further enhanced my interest towards open source.

Project Motivation and Overview

SmartArt is a nice feature that allows users to quickly add charts/diagrams to presentations. LibreOffice has a partial implementation as an experimental feature, my project was to implement as many features and to correctly render the smartart. Interested folks can click here.

All GSoC related Patches

In chronological order(Some of them are under review at this point of time):

  1. Unit test for Line algorithm

2. tdf#117761 Corrected Snake Algorithm

3. Smartart: Corrected Line Algorithm

4. coverity#1436015 UNUSED_VALUE

5. Smartart : test documents

6. Unit test for Snake Algorithm

7. Unit test for Chevron Smartart and modified Unit test for Line algorithm.

8. Support txAnchorVert parameter

9. Node layout information

10. Support parTxRTLAlign parameter

11. Support ctrShpMap(Center Shape Mapping) Paramter

12. Smartart Pyramid: Support Inverted Pyramid

13. Unit test: Smartart-Chevron

14. Smartart Inverted Pyramid Unit test

15. Unit test: Smartart Pyramid

16. Composite algorithm: support parameter ar

17. Composite Algorithm: Adding constraint value support

18. Smartart Right to left Chevron

19. Unit test: SmartArt Chevron right to left

20. Smartart: Added Hierarchy Algorithm

21. Support autoTxRot parameter in Text algorithm

22. Support autotxRot

23. SmartArt Pyramid: Now lays out shapes

Future work

There is still a lot of features to implement to correctly render all the smartarts after which, creating of dialogue box to directly create smartart into the document can be done to ease users and increase the productivity.

There was so much to grasp during GSoC and I would like to thank the LibreOffice community for continuously helping and supporting me to complete the project.

Thank you Google for such an awesome summer program.