Google Summer of Code’18: First and Second Week

Google summer of code’s community bonding part has ended a week before and the coding period started.

My Project is on Smartart Editing in impress.

I’ll be describing my project in a separate blog.

There are so many smartarts which require proper rendering in LibreOffice and hence, I started with Snake Algorithm which is for basic block List.

SmartArt in Microsoft Office 2007

Here is the layout which LibreOffice render.

Incorrectly Implemented: SmartArt in Libreoffice

As it is clear the number of rows and columns were different from the Microsoft office designed layout as well as the last node position also differ from the original. I made some changes which fix this issue and I am happy to see the results.

Corrected SmartArt in Libreoffice

I have corrected the Snake Algorithm: Now it displays correct position of child layout nodes along a linear path in two dimensions, with the correct number of rows and columns and aspect ratio, this algorithm is for smartarts like Basic Block List — grouped blocks of information. It also specifies the behaviour of the direction that additional nodes are added to new rows or columns in the snake algorithm.

I have implemented for the same Direction and submitted it, waiting for the review:

To Do: If this patch got merged then, in the upcoming week I’ll be implementing this algorithm for the reverse direction:

I have learnt a lot, thanks to the whole community. I’ll be fixing more issues in the upcoming week.