GSoC’18: SmartArt Week 10

This week I focused on supporting inverted pyramid and implementing it’s unit test with unit test of smartart chevron which supports on line algorithm.

Smartart Pyramid: Support Inverted Pyramid

I’ve worked to implement the support such that when powerpoint presentation imported from MS PPT 2007 it shows the inverted pyramid. If you want to test it you can go to libreoffice/sd/qa/unit/data/pptx and open smartart-invertedPyramid.pptx on libreoffice impress.

Inverted Pyramid after implementation.

There are some parameters which needs to be supported and they can be done in followup patches.

Smartart Inverted Pyramid Unit test

This unit test is regarding the inverted pyramid which tests the parameters and appearance for example it’s rotation and text etc.

Unit test: Smartart-Chevron

This Unit test is regarding the smartart which relates to line algorithm but it was not implemented until now, it’ll test the linearity when spreading the children by asserting the number of shapes, Y position and text inside the shapes.

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