GSoC’18: SmartArt Week 3

Week 2 of the GSoC coding period is completed successfully. I have been successful in upgrading the existing Smartart Algorithm.

In Week 1 and 2, I added new methods to Snake Algorithm which is for Basic Block list smartart types. Please Click here if you want to read the previous Blog.

This Week I started with Line Algorithm which displays odd ratio of height and width.

Old Chevron Smartart
Old Smartart MaxDept

Changed some code so that Smartart displays Satisfying height to width ratio, will improve height to width ratio if asked by mentors.

New Smartart MaxDept
New Chevron Smartart

I’ve written a unit test for Line Algorithm, particularly for Smartart MaxDepth, such that the child spreads across the x-axis.

Last Week, I mentioned about adding some new Style to Snake Algorithm with reverse Direction.

Reverse Direction

When we pass reverse Direction(revDir) parameter in the code it should behave as mentioned above, but it was not implemented until now. I’ve added support to this feature as the child nodes will be displayed in the snake manner described above. Please see the below image for a more clear idea.

‘Test’ is the first node and ‘a’ is the second node and normally will be spread along the x-axis, but when smartart changes row, third node ‘b’ should be placed below the second node and this pattern will continue until the last node.

Basic Block LIst with reverse Direction for 5nodes

Below is the behavior when Basic Block list is applied to 8 nodes.

Basic Block LIst with reverse Direction for 8 nodes

I have learnt a lot, thanks to the whole community. I’ll be fixing more issues in the upcoming week.

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