GSoC’18: SmartArt Week 5

Last week was the week of evaluation with minor fixes in the code I submitted.

I got information about the Coverity error in my submitted patch “Corrected Line Algorithm” : “*** CID 1436015: Code maintainability issues (UNUSED_VALUE)”.

I’ve fixed that in this week. Moreover, child width and height doesn’t depend on nIncX and nIncY, so I’ve removed that code, it relates only to the position of the child. I’ve submitted the patch with the name “coverity#1436015 UNUSED_VALUE” and it has been merged.

Old Smartart Maxdepth
New Smartart MaxDepth

There is no such significant change in the rendering of the smartart but it was important for future changes.

I have also submitted the unit test for the Line Algorithm which asserts the position of the child nodes as well as it asserts that the child nodes are in the same horizontal level.

I’ll submit more unit tests in the coming week with some major changes in the smartarts, and will be adding the test documents to test the rendering of the shapes.

P.S. I passed my first evaluation. Thanks to the whole community.

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