Being A Working-Class World Changer
Joe Brewer

I like you Joe. I think we could almost be brothers. My key to helping people is logic, which is the search for truth. I’m a CPA who got involved in politics and realized how corrupt it is. Since I’m a tax accountant, I have a good understanding of the law, and if you look at the U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1 it tells you exactly how to run an election, and it says that nobody in a position of trust or profit within the government should have anything to do with them including voting or running elections. I set up Voter Verified Elections ( to help people run their own elections.

Logically, how else will people really be able to get the things they need, unless they follow the constitution and force government to accept their votes. They can vote on their issues, not the issues placed on ballots by a government that should be having nothing to do with running those elections.