Bigger, better Trump protests are coming

“Trump Protesters Unite!” to show our numbers and bring down his currupt regime

November 10, 2019

Are you ready to protest Trump? A new grassroots effort called Bigger Better Trump Protests is briefly uniting us to increase the impact of all efforts. All you do is like a Facebook page. You can do it now if you like. It’s just a Facebook page. It won’t bite.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned protester or have never protested in your life. The only question is, are you ready?

Simple solution?

Can it really be that simple? Except for the fact that a million people are needed, yes. Get a million grassroots protesters on one Facebook page and many good things will happen. The page itself will be a virtual protest that fuels traditional protests like never before.

The problem:

Protest size has been getting increasingly smaller over the past year. Media coverage is harder to get. Organizer burnout is far too common. There’s too much tribalism between organizations. New protesters aren’t getting involved because energy and momentum are supressed. Things just aren’t what they should be.

Yet more people than ever are totally outraged by Trump and his cronies. Half the country wants him removed from office. There’s justified fear that we’re losing our country. You may have asked, “Why aren’t we all in the streets?” It’s a great question. Some answers are in this article.

We’re in a new phase of the Trump saga. The vote to impeach is coming soon. The Senate trial follows. Then it’s primary election season, followed by the general election campaigns and debates. November 3rd will be here before we know it. Everyone reading this will be at the polls voting blue. If you’re not, I swear I will track you down and give you a piece of my mind.

Sorry, got distracted. 😁 But I will track you down…LOL.

Coinciding with all of that, very promising new resistance efforts have begun. Check out By The People, Reduce Facism, Fire Drill Fridays, and more.

It’s exciting, but there’s still a big hurdle. People inclined to protest are giving up because most protests to date have been underwhelming. This happened when organizations that created the protests took grassroots activism for granted. It’s almost like they thought that making protesting super easy would rev up grassroots America.

Whatever it was, it was a huge mistake. Grassroots people know that none of this is easy and you don’t leave it to others. They’re not afraid of a challenge. They’re afraid of efforts that fail and lack momentum. The steady drop in attendance was most likely caused by knowledgeable people dropping out. In other words, the ones most needed gave up because of what wasn’t happening. I know. I came close.

You don’t need to believe me. There’s proof. The recent We The People March was totally grassroots. It was enormous by today’s standards. Less than three weeks later, the Dump Trump! protest in Minneapolis was twice the size and again totally grassroots. Grassroots works. This other thing, not so much.

When you’re steadily losing momentum, that’s some serious trouble. It won’t go away with more of the same. Another nationwide protest of that type is happening in three months or less. It will be awesome if it succeeds.

Frankly, it’s not looking good. Grassroots America is still left out. We’ve been polling on Facebook ahead of these nationwide protests for more than a year. Right now 96% of people in Facebook groups have not heard anything about this upcoming protest. That’s consistent with polling on previous protests of this type. Further, there’s almost no mention of it anywhere on social media. is behind this one and their own Facebook page hasn’t mentioned it in over two weeks. Without social media, it can’t get big even though it’s already in over 260 cities. Underwhelming protests in 260+ cities makes things worse. That’s now an established fact.

Grassroots must get involved. But time is short. Changing the systems in place won’t happen in time. It may never happen without a grassroots push.

Study of this issue has lead to a rather elegant solution: this new Facebook page called Bigger Better Trump Protests. The problem should fix itself if all protesters (and newbies) follow the page. Numbers are the key. The goal is 1 million+.

Why it works:

Current systems do an amazing job of setting up protests. They can get a protest going in 500+ cities in a matter of days. That’s super impressive. But they’re downright horrible at mobilizing grassroots America. There’s a reason. Organizations can never mobilize the grassroots the way the grassroots itself can. They tried something that’s impossible. It didn’t work. No surprise there.

What works are grassroots people mobilizing themselves. Guess what? We can do that on a Facebook page. All you do is like this page. Then do what people normally do on Facebook. These organizations need to hear what We The People have to say. For that reason, most posts on this new page will come from grassroots America. Other than that, it’s just Facebook. You like pages all the time. Why not this one?

Post discussions will be our collective grassroots voice. The importance cannot be overstated. Our voice is clearly being marginalized if the organizations propping up these protests aren’t trying to reach us.

The solution is simple — fire up the grassroots ASAP. Our energy takes over at some point and things fall into place. It’s how grassroots works. There’s no master plan. There’s people and somehow that’s all we need.

One way or another, the systems in place merge with grassroots America. BAM! We achieve our goal in the blink of an eye.

Action plan:

Tell folks who protest (or want to protest) to like Bigger Better Trump Protests. We don’t have much time. Spread the word every way you know. We The People are mobilizing to bring down Trump and take our country back. We won’t be stopped because we have the ultimate power — millions of voters who mean business. Plus tens of millions more that we can inspire.

EKATA EXTRA: Btw, this isn’t super hard. The page is an "easy like" and many who like it are experts in mobilizing the grassroots. We’ll get the likes. What we won’t get is a steady stream of notifications. There will be just one or two posts a day. It’s quality over quantity — the posts will be exceptional because they come from us. We own the page. There’s no leader, just admin supporting us.

Also, as we hit the "actual streets" and report back, we’ll see the changes happening in real time. That means positive momentum and protests that matter.

There are protests every week now. Trump better start packing. We’re more than he can handle. As protests grow and become even more frequent, Congress will act. We may just get that sucker out early.

But if not, we’re organized and not just to take him down. We can put the GOP out of Business. It’s true. Just look at the numbers. The GOP ship is taking on water and ready to sink. Let’s make sure it does.

Special treat for reading to the end. Click here to see a 360° photo of the Minneapolis protest. Beautiful!



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