No Such Thing As Too Much Passion

Don’t let others extinguish your fire!

“Whoa! So much passion! Simmer down. You are giving me a headache!”

If you are passionate about something to the core, then I bet you've heard that a thousand times. From your managers, from your peers, maybe even from your friends. You immediately feel like the wind has been knocked out of you. You are taken aback. And surprised, yet again. “How can they not get how cool this is… what this means… what we can do with this??” You feel like a little piece of you dies every time they say it.

Here is my reply to a statement like that: “Got a headache? Take an aspirin!”

What is it with people with no passion? What is it with those who don’t give a damn? If you have nothing to be passionate about, maybe you should learn from those around you who are? And, instead of knocking them down, draw an inspiration from them? Shut up and listen for a change. Let them motivate you with their fire and lift you with their desire for the better, for the innovation, for the spectacular?

Warren Buffet said: “Without passion, you have no energy. Without energy, you have nothing.”

So, my advice? Ignore those who seem to be overwhelmed by your energy, your passion, and your dreams. Let your enthusiasm bubble over, time and time again. Ultimately it’ll attract those who “get it”, those who will admire your passion and your vision, those who deserve to share in your dream, no matter how big or small it is. Don’t ever let others bring you down. Because there is nothing as dangerous as indifference.