How does it feel to get Google as a competitor?

Last week my company launched our new product — PlacementFeed — matching software for staffing agencies. Yesterday I came across Google’s Cloud Jobs API (it’s in alpha) — matching software for company career site providers, job boards, and applicant tracking systems (ATS / CRM) within North America. Our target group is not the same but the basic idea is pretty much the same.

So how does it feel to get Google as a competitor, a week after we launched. At first there was panic. Oh my god! Google has ALL the data. Google has the smartest people working for them! They merge their brains into one huge Google brain and poop brilliant ideas one after the other!

I use Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps and Android on a daily basis. But there is also the failed Google+ and Google Glass. Google+ has Facebook and Google Glass has nobody as a competitor. The fact that something comes from Google does not necessary mean it is gold. Sometimes it could be glass.

Google is comprised of a myriad teams. So whenever there is a new product on the market it is not the whole Google that worked on it. It is a team in Google that worked on it. And I have a team. A team of brilliant developers. My team. And we have sweat over PlacementFeed for 3 years now. I know it inside and out. I know the business side. I know the recruiters. I know the architecture. I know the code. And I know there is a smart team at Google that does the same as we do. Finally a decent competition :)

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