Dear anyone…

Dear anyone who ever felt alone,

I was always the strong one. The one who never asked for help. The “perfect” one the world wanted me to be. But as it turns out, regardless of who you are, these three words appeal to everyone:

You have problems.

I know how hard it might be to simply ask for help. To simply admit that you might need it. To face your own weaknesses and appear to be weak in front of people who always expect you to keep up to a certain standard. But even the strongest ones sometimes need to be heard. And we all do have amazing stories to be told. And there is always someone who would want to know. Who would care. For some people it is just harder to find this person.

Sharing begins with two simple words “I feel…”. Maybe you are confused? Scared? Delighted? Exhausted? Maybe you regret the past or cannot stop dwelling on the chances you wish you took and the moments when you wish you kept quiet. Maybe you are yet to make the hardest life choices? Do you feel like yelling out loud or struggling to let go? I did. I felt exactly the same way when I found myself having a panic attack on the second floor in the huge University library. I knew everyone and everyone knew me. There were so many people but no one to talk to. At that point, I thought I just lost everything I’ve been fighting for. There was only one person there. Simon. And thank you for saving me that time Simon M Ebenezer. Small things make a big difference. Sometimes it is hard to seek help. It feels more like being weak, rather than taking care of yourself. We go to the gym, we achieve our highest grades, and make a perfect illusion that everything else can wait. But at some point, you start suffocating. And finding someone who simply listens can really make a huge difference.

Therefore, I decided to start from a little something called #letter4theworld. This is my effort to encourage sharing of any internal conflicts and pain you might have. This is my effort to encourage an open conversation between people who have something to say. An open conversation in the world where people do not talk about how they feel anymore. This is my effort to find the right words or to stay silent when there is no need for any. My effort to bring back humanity, authenticity and an ability of people to genuinely care for one another.

We are wired to have feelings. And people hurt people. We all do once in a while. Being free from mistakes is not natural. But when you are scattered in pieces, it is so important to receive support. To be simply understood. We are so gutted with the benefits of “sharing economy”, yet we are not ready to share simple things like our emotions. Sometimes it is easier to talk to someone who you do not really know. Sometimes it feels like it is not even real, but you are still being heard. From my own experience, it appears that people who do listen are not the closest friends, lovers or family. We all start as strangers. And sometimes it is not about who is the person who holds your hand when you cry or keeps you in his arms when you are scared, but the fact that someone is simply there for you.

The thing I really misunderstood was that taking care for yourself does not mean being selfish. So win your life. Win your own path. Conquer it and do not think that you are alone out there. There are always people who once felt the same way or who are going through the same thing right now. Don’t be afraid. You are safe here. You are safe to talk about what you feel and how you feel.

Just email your letter to and it will always be your safe place. Place, where you will always be understood. Place where you will always find someone who can simply listen.

With love
Your Ekaterina Snetkova

p.s. please, share if you can.