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Wow, this really hit home. I think what I am most nostalgic for are two things: 1. The dream of the global citizen: as if all humanity could be connected, equal, and borderless (I guess we missed the complexity of culture clashes, battles over resources, and the unforgettable history of colonialism and oppression). 2. The dream of womanpower: that women had finally arrived at a place of power, more than equality, but a recognition of our human worth beyond our sexual and reproductive capacities (Now my two young daughters are growing up in a country with few female leaders at the top, an overwhelming pressure to be fit and look “professional”, and a resurgence of corsets and stilettos). I am having trouble understanding how to move forward and live in this new reality. I had taken these dreams for granted and now I see them as unattainable and not even desirable to many people today.

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