One can imagine a situation where BTC, freed from big-block activism, efficiently unites around small blocks and quickly builds a second layer payment solution. Or one in which big-block BCC, unshackled, is able to realize its dream of on-chain scaling.
Power laws and Network Effects: Why BitcoinCash is not a free lunch
Nic Carter

I think this is exactly what will happen. The contention between the two camps has purportedly caused developers and users to leave in frustration. That‘s not good for anyone.

A diversity of chains will ultimately draw more people to crypto. And perhaps more importantly, encourage developer growth of all stripes. Ultimately, if Bitcoin Cash survives it will draw in more developers to its camp, and that’s good thing.

We should adopt a ‘big tent’ mindset, i.e. anyone is welcome with their ideas, anyone is welcome to fork, and we are better off for it. ‘Small tent’ on the other hand relies on purity tests and tribalism to determine who is ‘authentic’ or ‘qualified’ to have an opinion. If there are failures in the process, so be it. Let the best coin win.

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