Guns On College Campuses

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Guns On College Campuses

Gun laws and guns on campus became a topic of my interest just a couple weeks ago mainly when hearing about students carrying around sex toys strapped to backpacks during “gun free UT” in an article called “Fighting Campus Carry — With Sex Toys” by Anna North, Fighting Guns On Campus W/ Sex Toys which stood as protests for banning and keeping guns out of schooling systems in Texas. I knew that the objects probably humored some, but that was a benefactor in sparking people’s interests for which the toys most provided a significant meaning for the students. The state of Texas is my hometown, and I moved to California three years ago. Since living in California, I thought I might hear less about “carrying permits” and “how old do I have to be to have a gun” as well as “should guns be allowed in our school”? I have heard similar issues in California, and it mainly seems that this touchy subject being brought up can be targeted towards mainly just students and teachers.

Why are you interested in it now?

Through talking to others at SF State about how they feel, I picked up on many implications of fear revolving guns on other campuses in Texas through online resources and discussions with my family in Texas, and also recently witnessed how scary it was for my girlfriend to see a gun on our college campus close to her apartment (A man had an assault rifle close to University Park North as police officers surrounded her building and the man got away, people in the buildings had to get to the ground and away from windows causing fear and uncertainty about what would come after this episode on the first day of college move in). This situation was not only scary for her, but also for everyone who lived in the entire UPN area. They were horrified that our entire year might end up going down a negative pathway just due to that one assault rifle. This is only one example, but I certainly believe that on every college campus, guns should not be permitted. d

Some individuals in an article by Dave Phillips UT Concealed Guns, “What University of Texas Campus is saying about Concealed Guns”, such as Ana Lopez from The University of Texas, make valid points about the importance of keeping students in mind, because guns can put students in fear, and, like Ana Lopez, might not want to attend their university after seeing a gun. She stood up when others didn’t, and soon became a leading activist against the law, describing campus carry as “forced on the campus by outsiders to make a political point.”

The president of UT Austin wishes that he could have the option to prohibit guns on campus but only private schools in Texas have that ability. He is strongly in opposition, and feels as if implementing too many sensitive zones and exclusions zones to protect students makes his school campus look like a “war zone” which he does not want to present his community as, especially to potential new students.

Does it apply to your major or possible career?

Researching this topic could help me with my major in business management and potential career because I am studying business and hip-hop culture and expect to be potentially moving around working at various large cities where guns are a piece of the communities. I would like to be something along the lines of an artist manager, and guns are prominent in a vast majority of hip-hop songs. Knowing and understanding more about why some rappers want guns and why there is such a stigma around them interests me. If I am an business manager working with an artist in a bad area or city surrounded by people who carry guns around with permits or with no permits, I would like to have awareness and understand that situation for why it has come to be that way and the history of the situation better. I would like to understand how people who don’t carry weapons are all doing emotionally in the city and if they are in constant fear. If previous instances that may have made having a gun seem necessary, such as previous hip hop artists or something involving the history of a city, I would like to know about that, as well as why some rappers rap about peace and no guns. I also believe studying these differences in the rappers from different cities who rap about guns being okay and super cool, and studying the ones who don’t feel that way from other cities is important in understanding communities and how and why some are so scared that they need a gun to feel in control.

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