How to maintain enthusiasm ?

Hola again I am back on my second day attempting to engage with this blog platform.

I am quite enthusiastic about writing since back to my past I had done some novel writing trials which ended up nowhere since it fell down into my lower priority of what my life had done. I remember once I wrote a fantasy novel inspired by Harry Potter (Yes I am a potterhead, definitely my inspirative character goes to Hermione with no doubt) with two of my neighborhood girls. We intended to write a story followed with the dream of going to Korea LOL super random dream yet we dreamed to have a travelling together but we had financial obstacle so we came up with the idea of writing a novel, selling it, and earning benefit LOL we thought the process would that smooth yet we ended up packed the dream back to the box due to our individual schedule. I remembered I had done writing for about 7–10 pages. Beside we were so hectic, the computer we used to write… was hanged and couldn’t be used for any further function. But since that day I knew that writing was such a good escape. I could be productive and imaginative. Yet instead of writing on another novel project, I spent my time writing blog which, I ever said in my last post, was full of cheesy romantic sentences. My bad. But again, my blog was…. left lack of taking care and ended up gone by I deleted it.

There was period when I was on my point and energized to fill my blog then when I came very chaos, It was super hard for me to get my writing mood back. Once I memorized I wrote on my blog “I don’t wanna write if my feeling doesn’t have the mood on. The passage will be felt empty by the readers. I want my published post has the feeling inside. It’s not merely an arranged of words.” that’s true. Sometime after postponing my blog, I am not able to get up and motivated. Consistency in publishing new post is another story for me. Like hard. But sometime you have another critical priority which takes over your focus, right ? Plus if I meet someone whom I can profess as my escape, I prefer talk to him/her. I mean having conversation sometime is another sensation, right ? You have live comment and feedback. But back again, if I have time to write, I’d love to master blogging thing. And good thing about me is I precisely don’t care if my post will be read or not, it’s just another case. What I intend to share is I want to share my experience, view, and value to those who perhaps coincidentally have the same line with me. So, 1 reader or 10k readers won’t be regarded as my internal motivation. But of course, reaching out more people will give you extra energy to get motivated.

It’s coming shorter to Lebaran Day, a huge day to all Moeslims. I can’t wait to have my homecoming tho, yet I am afraid I won’t be accessible to my laptop so in my view I will share what’s going on within my homecoming and back again to JKT days after I get back to office. Excited. I had shared my experience last year which you can sneek peak through this site There are only 5 posts in it so it’s gonna be easier for you to search post which I meant above.

That’s all.

I am eager to write my view on love in my next post but we’ll see if I can catch another interesting theme.

Thank you.

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