Life has been very grateful lately. I come to a phase where every bliss shown in order. There’s nothing I have to regret or asking more since everything in my life has been what fits perfectly to it.

Once I was very insecure about my money to have foods or other’s essential basic needs, but now I can cover literally all basic needs of mine. I can afford my own food, have a proper shelter, and be able to pay any ride taking me there and there. At least, my mom back home doesn’t need to worry about how I can survive. I don’t burden her with insecurity and thought about me. I have a very comfortable job, very loyal inner circle, and life I can explore more. I can have shopping to stuff I need or sometime I want. A lot is still coming and I am grateful for what life has been served me by this far.

But now, with great privilege comes a great responsibility. I have to allocate some of my monthly income to help those in need or spare another some for my future unpredictable occurrence by saving money or investment. I have to think maturely from now on about managing my money which I have been doing since in college. It’s not something new to me to done yet now the responsibility is greater. I don’t need to follow that hedonistic lifestyle, what I have to follow is the sapience of spending. I don’t need to have fancy foods all the time, what I have to eat is very healthy foods with affordable price based on my level. The mindset, especially living Jakarta, has to be mature so I don’t follow the stream I don’t have to. I have to create mine so I walk closer to the future with readiness, mentality and financially. I can’t thank God enough for what I had, what I have, and what I will have.


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