It is all very confusing to all of us.
Chris Maxwell

I would like to agree with you (that a free market determines who lives or dies) but that’s the very point of this conversation

the investment markets are not free, they are legislated to death and controlled to the benefit of a handful at the expense of the rest. and that is precisely the fate that we need to avoid for bitcoin i.e. decentralisation must be preserved (which is already a difficult claim, given the distribution of mining control) at all costs

in other words, it is decentralisation that makes the bitcoin market free. if you make the argument that bitcoin must be “saved” by saving the businesses that transact on the network, at the expense of the decentralisation it provides, you’re killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. sure you’ll have a thriving marketplace, but not a free one, and not one where the users benefit but rather, more of what we already have i.e. an economic system where corporations benefit at the expense of the population

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