To write home

Your thoughts measured, so deep, so down, slow down.

I do my best to keep up but still I hear slow.

Eternity has already started, you have lifetimes and beyond, beyond the blue.

I think I’ve picked up this baggage again. I laid it down for a split second and you took that opportunity and moved it so fast. You may not pick this up again.

You were so sure when I was not. Thank you. I needed that.

These pieces of my heart fly through the air. Try! Reach! They scream to be brought back together.

Oh little heart, little heart, do you know who you are?

Oh little heart, little heart, do you know I’m not far?

…Far off and away, take me that way, make that play, pay it forward into eternity, be with me.

Face and time and free, so contrived. God give me inspiration from you. I want something to write home about.

(I run the way of your commandments for you enlarge my understanding. Ps 119:32)

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