Unspoken gems

We have this morbid fascination with one another so that we cannot stay away

Bring someone new it indicates you’ve moved on

Bring no one — - the same

How do we stay sane within this crazy web of drunken egos? Insecurities and knowledge of who we are conflict with the reality of our face to face addictions

And the worst and perhaps craziest (or most sane) thing about this is that it’s all unspoken lyrics hidden in the deep base line melodies of our rhythmic hearts that always beat to the same tune but never truly match up when it comes to timing and probably never will.

For the best, she said, I have someone new he lies and they both go on their way ships passing in the night with wordless shimmers of unrequited love reflecting on the face of the waters of their hearts each waiting for a signal to be sent that may never come

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