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My first role model is Patrick Kane. Patrick Kane is a great hockey player. Although he was put through some sketchy things, he kept his head up and never gave up.

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My second role model is Elena Delle Don. She is on the Olympic basketball team. In college she was a two sport athlete, competing in volleyball and basketball.

Donald trump is the repuplican presidential representitive. I think hes a great guy with some great ideas. Not to mention his sick and unique mannerisms.

A pie chart of my worries

I was born July 9th 2002. I dislike school purely because I’m lazy, I usually understand it though. I’ve. played basketball since kindergarten. I’ve played hockey since 4th grade. This spring I started lacrosse and enjoyed it very much. My favorite subject is human geo. I enjoy learning about how cultures correlate with the environment. I enjoy math, it comes easy to me and I find myself using what I learn outside of school. I have a lot of great friends, some of which I have just met this year. I look forward to a great 4 years with them!

Pie chart of what I do outside of school.

A song that inspires me

Here’s a picture of my friends and me at 9:00. We were at the football game.

My favorite quote is

“A moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory.”- Pete zamperini

Here is a vine of me and my savage dog zoey. (She looks blind dont worry shes not)

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