Worst Poem:


Sewage fills streets like sprinkles fill the frosting.

I love you

You love me too

Lets watch Dr. Who

While taking a quick poo.

I can’t eat cupcakes

I am alergic to gluten

And that said fact has got me hootin’

But I did eat a cupcake

And now I ache.

So I sit taking a poo

While watching Dr. Who

Thank You.

But the tv screen shines

Like washing detergent.

And I feel that this gluten alergy is very urgent.

My hands are puffy

My face is stuffy

My life is so rough…y

But I’m here on the toilet

Thinking how gluten spoiled it.

And how much I love you.

I love you like glue sticks to a shoe

When you step in it and cry boo hoo

You shine as bright as a star

Reaching so far

Like a star

They say roses are red and violets are blue

But your heart is pink because I love you.

These thoughts are passing while I suffer in pain

From his gluten that is heading straight to my brain.

Its taking over like rain

And I am ripping apart.

A dagger is going straight through my heart.

I feel it consuming my body

It would be sad if i died,

I am such a hottie.

Its taking over me now,

I’m going down fast

But know that our love will last

Even though I am dying right here on this toilet,

I hope that you take your life and enjoy it.


I love you.

Thanks a lot gluten.

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