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Well, let me examine closely. Obviously it is totally great for customers (read patients) to rate and to comment about businesses (read healthcare providers).

But it is also the business’ right to comment on its customers’ comments.

This commentary systems must be two ways. Otherwise:

  • It will be very easy for people to lie,
  • Misunderstanding is common and of course we need view points from both parties to be clear,

If people consider health problem as private matter, they should not make any comment whether positive or negative on rating service like Yelp.

Why, because there is no way for the healthcare providers to explain the case from their view points.

In addition, by making commentary on rating app like Yelp, we make our private matter (medical) to be public, although we do not write about the detail.

One way rating and commenting system is just simply not worth to be a consideration.

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