There’s no such work as “deshell” the appropriate word is “shell.”

Example is, “I want to shell the coconut.”

Another example, “After she shelled the coconut, it was ready to eat.”

To shell something is to remove it from its shell.

One more example, “I’d rather eat shelled periwinkles to the unshelled ones.”

Unfortunately, most people use the word “unshelled” to mean “shelled” when it comes to snails, periwinkles — etcetera etcetera.

Some of you, when you commit an English blunder and are being corrected, the impulsive defense you quickly hop on is, “English is not our language” nye-nye-nye! Yet it fosters communication for you. It’s the same English you used in saying it’s not our language, abi? Olodo!

Go about speaking your dialect to people who don’t understand it na, if they won’t chain and take you to yabaleft.

English will forever be a universal language and subject to correcting. What’s worth doing is worth doing well, no?

Me I’m a custodian of the English language, if you tabun* near me, I’ll correct you. If you like look me with bad eye. I can’t let you murder English.

And you all need to stop stuff typing “Am I a joke to you?” as. “I’m I a joke to you?” Just pronounce it and see if it sound normal to you.

Another people whom I’d never stop showing pepper in my dm, are the ones who can’t type full words or sentences.

Once you text me in short codes and abbreviations, I automatically assume you’re a moron, whose parent ought to have used your school fees to buy bush meat, because who do you want to stress with ;


M fyn






Are you not a lunatic like this? How can you type “I don’t know” as “ion know.” Eh? And you want to be taken seriously? Abeg swerve.

In other news, If you’re not friends with:

Chukwusomaga Lilian Udoka

Oni Ze

Joxzy Otor

Chukwudi Eternal Udoye

Chidera Ochuagu

Lia Gi Ba

You’re sitting on a long thing. ©Hanamel



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King Hanamel IV

King Hanamel IV

Dauntless Storyteller - Feminist - Mental Health Advocate - Book Junkie - Future Gangleader - Satirist.