Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hack & cheat| Ios & Android, Gold & Energy Generator

Eko Daemon
Jun 24 · 3 min read

How to fake GPS in Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

This is very simple and possible without any coding or reverse engineering the apk or ios file. You can fake the location with VPN apps like HOLA VPN, when you download its fake GPS app from app store, you will be able to choose mock location , as is shown in settings.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite fake GPS

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Generator

Gold is an important resource in Harry Potter Wizards unite, with its help you can unlock new professions and buy different other stuff, so here the HPWU generator can be of a help for some people who cannot purchase enough gold. The following video explains very well how this generator works and how Harry Potter Wizards Unite hack is performed. You can use generator here.

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