Weathering the Storms

All storms pass.

No matter how destructive they might be. The clouds gather ominously the rain falls,

the wind blows, the trees bend, and sometimes their branches break; even though they

leave us rattled and disoriented;

all storms pass.

Even though they are brutal and cause chaos wherever they go;

all storms pass.

And like these trees, if we are deeply rooted in who we are, where we want to be and where we aim to go;

Storms don’t affect us.

If we focus on how we want to live our lives, storms can never up root us.

We all live through mini storms, and major hurricanes. Our very existence is questioned,

our moral fiber tested and stretched to the point of ripping, yet there we are resilient to

the winds and the daunting times of our lives.

This is not a pep talk.

This is a realization. One that I have come to after many storms, many mistakes, and




I burned future chances for happiness and joy, because I thought the

storms of my life were far more destructive than they actually were.

Category 5 disasters… now gentle reminders of how far I’ve come,

how far we have all come.

Whirlwinds, title waves of emotions leaving us bare, raw, naked, worn.

But we get up and we keep going, because storms are there to remind us of our higher




stronger than the any storm.