On Waitering
John Saddington

6. Understanding how much goes into delivering an excellent product and a delightful user experience as well as how little the customer probably realizes that

7. Working in an environment where the customer is always right and embracing that reality

8. That being thoughtful and the little things often make the biggest difference

9. Doing a job you hate but still finding a way to perform and bringing your best everyday

10. Many interesting, successful people come through a restaurant. Treat everyone as if their someone — exciting things might happen

Seriously thanks for sharing, John. Would love to see more people give thoughts about the retrospective benefits / insights they got from working on the front lines of a restaurant. Totally agreed with everything you said. Was a bus boy at an upscale restaurant where all the waiters were very old and had the bussers do literally everything…horrible job, worse pay, incredible experience.