Vendors, they’re just NOT worth it.

“Ahn ahn, but it’s for charity” was what she said, as she began to express her anger at this vendor’s lack of compassion, sentiment and humanity.

Someone was making a fuss here, and it wasn’t her.

Here is a lady who has volunteered, out of the goodness of her heart and kindness of her soul, to do something for motherless children on Children’s Day, but her goodwill is being hindered by one of the many greedy vendors trying to make a living at all costs, even at the expense of charity organisations trying to make the world a better place.
Imagine him attempting to exploit her by overcharging for a mere bouncy castle, completely disregarding that this can be an opportunity for him to give back. No surprises though; what else would you expect from a common selfish, inconsiderate vendor?
Even Disneyland won’t be so rigid with their pricing. I’m sure they’d have taken the charity factor into consideration and given free entry to all the children; and they’re a world renowned household name. Not like this hustling vendor who shouldn’t be allowed to do business at all. Exploitation is a crime against humanity afterall. 
There is a chance you’ve been in a similar position, having to deal with one of such vendors so you know what I’m talking about. It’s just downright disgusting the way they stand their ground on over-priced products or services, things you could really do by yourself except you don’t have the time and the right set of tools and the expertise and besides how would the vendors eat if you do it yourself? You’re doing them a favour. They need you, if you don’t call them they won’t have jobs.
Anyway, this post really isn’t about them, it’s about you, the victim. The thing is, if you agree with everything I’ve just said, then YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.
Not ‘greedy’ vendor trying to exploit you. You with the presumptuous and overbearing attitude.
You see, the problem started with your lack of regard for the worth of the vendor’s product/service.
Much like ‘Aunty Charity’ in the beginning of this piece, you have no respect for your plumbers, electricians, bakers, tailors, bricklayers and other service providers. If they are not a household name, they’re not worth whatever value they place on themselves.
It should be you who decides what they should be paid for the work they do, hence negotiations have to absolutely favour you all the time and they should be happy you even agreed to pay “that much”.
“You’re not even [insert big brand’s name here], why would I pay you so much?” and then you proceed to slash the requested amount by up to 70% in the name of “negotiation”; some even go a step further like Aunty Charity to chip in the “it’s for charity” or “it’s for church” line, playing the emotional blackmail card without considering that this is someone’s livelihood. 
And yet you still demand the quality of service [insert big brand’s name] would give you.
You do and say all the things to these vendors that you wouldn’t even dream of with [insert big brand’s name]. And you don’t see the problem. Then you go ahead and ask for an added service, and you want it “complimentary”. 
Don’t be this person. It starts with you. Treat vendors with respect. The ones you deal with. Pay for value and if you cannot afford it, walk way. Don’t try to ‘reduce’ them because “you” think they shouldn’t charge as much. 
Put some ‘respeck’ on their hustle, because in truth, “The society which scorns excellence in plumbing as a humble activity and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exalted activity will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy: neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water” (John W. Gardner).