Not sure how they are gonna show up in the comment, but I’ve highlighted all the times where you…

The idea that there is more Ms. Jacobson could/should have done is incomprehensible to me. Someone else here is wildly minimizing what has happened to her as an “unrequited crush” and saying a bit of “assertiveness and firm communication” would have solved her problem. That is a very dangerous kind of thinking. I realize this is an internet comment section… but, come on.

How do you get to the end of this article — about a serial stalker who continues to harass someone after having been ignored, blocked, and, when that didn’t work, explicitly told four years ago to cease contact — believing that anyone but the perpetrator is to blame? What makes people think if she had told him five years ago, or seven, or ten, to leave her alone, that he would have listened? It sounds like another of his “crushes” is pursuing legal action against him… is that a strong enough message?

Roni, I genuinely hope you find freedom from this total invasion.